She's Mercedes

She’s Mercedes is a platform dedicated to inspiring, connecting, and empowering women, highlighting their unique success, and creating a dialogue that transcends cultures, industries, and experiences with an aim to encourage women to live the best of herself. Embedded in a mix of formats, exceptional women from different fields and industries will share their experiences and in an array of workshops, including “Blend Your Own Light Spirit Masterclass”, perfume bar workshops, succulent and cactus bonsai workshops, A.I wellness herbal tea tasting workshop, be sure not to miss out!


Perfume Bar Workshop

  • What's essential oil
  • Benefits of essential oil and application
  • Introduce each oil properties
  • 9 kind of blended oil to select and create your personalized perfume oil
Pax per class: 24
Length: 60 mins
Price: HK$350


Workshop Program

Lify Wellness

LIFY Wellness Smart Herbal Brewer Presents A.I Wellness Herbal Tea Tasting Workshop
LIFY Wellness Smart Herbal Brewer Presents: A.I Wellness Herbal Tea Tasting Workshop
In the workshop, participants will experience state-of-the-art A.I facial scanning system to measure your vitals such as such as heartbeat, blood pressure and blood oxygen, etc only in 30 seconds. The system will generate a personalised recommendation of the ideal herbal drink options. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to sample a variety of 100% science-backed East-meets-West natural formulations delivered from proprietary LIFY Smart Herbal Brewer at the palm of their hands. Participants can take this opportunity to enjoy a leisure afternoon sipping healthy, purposeful herbal teas with your loved ones.

Pax per class: 24
Length: 60 mins
Price: HK$85
- 12-years and above


Workshop Program

Para La Cabana

Succulents & Cactus Bonsai Workshop
Everyone can create their own bonsai.
Handmade Cement planter which has breathable feature of cement to make roots grow healthy Succulents and Cactus are suitable for busy Hong Kong people or beginners
The easiest plant to take care of👍🏻

Pax per class: 20
Length: < 60mins
Price: HK$220


Workshop Program


Music Therapy for pre & post natal educational talk
With the harmonious bond between two premium healthcare brands, the Humansa | SAINT BELLA Postnatal Care Suite integrates blissful, luxurious surroundings with the latest postnatal care philosophies. At BAM Festival, Carol Cheung, music therapist at Humansa will be sharing an effective way to use music during pregnancy, birthing and after.

Selecting the right set of music according to the mother’s preferences, and practicing to associate images with music is a great way to manage pain for those who choose natural birthing. Postnatal care involves song writing and guided music imagery, where mothers listens and make art work, it becomes a place for mothers to process changes during the time of recovery. Guided music therapy help mothers recover quickly and gain inner positivity during this difficult time of adjusting to a new chapter.

Come join us at BAM 2022 to learn more about the impact music would have during this beautiful journey.

Pax per class: 24
Length: ~ 45 mins
Price: free

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Workshop Program

Two Moons Distillery

Two Moons Blend Your Own Light Spirit Masterclass (< 30% abv)
Designed by award-winning local distillery Two Moons, welcome to the Blend Your Own Light Spirit Experience, debuting in BAM Festival 2022 at Central Harbourfront Event Space! A truly hands-on interactive workshop, participants will get to nose, taste, blend and customize their own light spirit (approx. 25% abv) in a 100ml bottle during a 60-minute workshop, complete with a customized label and wax top seal to take home.

Pax per class: 12
Length: 60 mins
Price: HK$330


Workshop Program


NakedLab was founded in 2018 after founder Joyce became a first-time mum with the birth of her baby daughter, Pia. Her journey began as she explored organic bedding options for Pia who was two months old at the time and battling a serious case of contact dermatitis. Joyce recognised that the quality of bedding can have a significant effect on sleep quality and skin health as it is in close contact with our bodies for long hours.

Thus, NakedLab was born as a way to provide wholly natural and organic products, with the quality one would want for their own family and loved ones. The debut of NakedLab’s BambooSilk baby cot sheets were an immediate success and ever since, Joyce has worked tirelessly to grow the NakedLab range to offer more thoughtful products, adult beddings, pillowcases, duvets, all that provide sustainable luxury and are effortlessly eco-friendly.

NakedLab is about the natural, the organic, the kind of good products that you would want to provide for your kids and family. Certified sustainable and organic, NakedLab’s BambooSilk sheets are of the highest level of luxury and comfort.. Now available in Hong Kong, Dubai and London hotels and shopping malls.

"I truly believe all good things start with a good sleep. Waking up with a happy mindset changes your perspective and brings lots of good energy to a blissful life."

Joyce - Founder & CEO