Get pumped, get centered, and get rejuvenated.
Family-friendly activities are also available, offering tomato planting workshops and various fun games!


Derek Lin & Silvia Ho – Founding partners of Hydrogro (Tomato Grower & Edible Flowers Grower)

Hydrogro is a developer of sustainable modern agriculture since 2016. With over 6 years of farming experience in Hong Kong, they have developed a robust and adaptable model for modern farming that is economically viable in a high-density urban environment of Hong Kong. With high levels of production and food safety, their production methodology is well recognized locally. As they continuously, improve their farming process and aim to further improve the output under various constraints, and allows the farm to adapt to ever changing climatic and business conditions.

Hydrogro will bring the farm to BAM and Introduce the precision farming technology that aims to grow high quality tomatoes, edible flowers, microgreens and vegetables, bringing you the freshness of Hong Kong!

Modern Farming, in our own backyard!

Hong Kong Sport Stacking Association (HKSSA)

Hong Kong Sport Stacking Association (HKSSA) is the exclusive representative of the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) in Hong Kong. Sport stacking is a sport where stackers stack twelve specially made cups called Speed Stacks® in specific patterns at lightning speeds. The competitions include Individual, Double, and Relay. Sport stacking helps participants develop bilateral proficiency; equal performance on both sides of the body. By increasing bilateral proficiency, a student develops a greater percentage of the right side of the brain, which houses awareness, focus, creativity, and rhythm. Sport stacking is suitable for all ages. Come and join us!

Playable Creation Limited

Playable Creation Limited established in 2016 as a playful and energetic electric toy brand company.

Their goal is to create more "playable and movable" electric toys, so that both children and adults can experience the fun and excitement.

In the "BAM Festival 2022", various Remote-controlled Mercedes-Benz Engineering vehicles will be shown, and set up a "Remote Control Vehicle Demo Zone" for all visitors come and experience the excitement of being drivers with the toys.


METOMICS is the fusion of METAL and ATOMICS, an innovative building block system made from precision-cut anodized aluminum. They use a unique patented construction, enabling them to interconnect to create spectacular, high-quality models. DESIGN, BUILD and DISPLAY your creations with METOMICS.

Come to BAM festival and be the designer for your METOMICS car!